Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bumps in the road

The late summer weather in Connecticut has been wonderful overall. I've been able to enjoy some short walks in the woods and I've seen a few wild turkeys, which are surprisingly common around here now.

On the fitness front I've had a couple more minor setbacks in the last month. First, I managed to fall down and bump my head. An embarrassing incident - I usually like to think I have a modicum of balance and agility - but it wasn't really an athletic failing, more of an "in the wrong spot at the wrong time" thing. Then, I experienced some swelling behind my knee and started to come down with a couple of symptoms similar to Lyme Disease. I didn't detect a tick but no matter, it was off to the doctor and time to start antibiotics. So far so good - things didn't get too bad but I will continue to monitor it.

On the positive side, with my new health insurance in effect, I was finally able to see a sports medicine doctor about my Achilles area. I'm cleared to do low impact exercise like a stationary bike or elliptical trainer. I can even run as the doc feels I'm a low risk for a serious injury, but I'm going to rest further as I'm still not 100%. I have some more knowledge and more techniques for coping with it now. He told me it may take awhile, which wasn't news as it's been three months and it's not right yet. This is starting to rival my most significant running injury in years. I had tendonitis in my shin years ago that took months to heal, and was too uncomfortable to run with. This is more deceptive because I feel I could do any one run at any speed with this condition without much discomfort... until afterwards. Which is pointless.

So I watch the fall races go by, like the leaves starting to drift down, and tell myself - someday, another day. I just have to do what I can for now.