Thursday, May 8, 2008

On the direction of this blog

This is a new blog, and I'm new to blogging. I'm having fun with it so far, but I haven't been to go back and describe the evolution of my transition from nonrunner to three-days-a-week runner (some might say "jogger" given my pace) over the last several months. It's enough to keep up with the present, so that's probably what I will do, most likely. I hope to write about new trails I find, and new trail races I enter (or re-enter in the future). I plan to go back and report on my three races from 2008 for anyone curious about Florida trails. (An aside: I keep spelling trails as "trials" when I type too quickly. They can be trials as well as trails, but they're the kind I deliberately seek out to test myself, and so are preferable to the other kinds of trials life springs on you).

If anyone is in their first few months of returning to running, or starting running, I've just been through that initial stage and will be more than happy to discuss it. I've made some gains but I'm not satisfied; the challenge now is not to lose focus. I do want to run a trail half-marathon, so it's time to pick one, even if it's not until fall, and get my long run from 9 miles (current) to 13+.


Beth said...

It's just now the end of my first week returning to running, so I may have some questions for you. I can't think of any right now, but I'm sure they'll come up along the way! I'll "stay tuned" so to speak.

Jeff said...

Welcome back, Beth! Awesome! Keep it up. My first few weeks consisted of alternating running and walking (as little as 1-2 minutes of each at first, then increasing to 3,4,5 minutes) until I felt fit enough to run continuously for 10 minutes or more. I did not feel like a runner for some time. I can go back to my journal and dig out more details if you have any questions later. I think this approach helped keep shin splints at bay.

Beth said...

Jeff, good point about the shin splints. After the first few days, I could feel them coming on. I didn't want to stop and walk because I wanted to be able to run continuously. However, once I gave in and walked for a minute on one of my runs, I was then able to pick up the pace and run much faster on the way back.