Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snow in Oswegatchie Hills

My first trail run of '09 was on the Oswegatchie Hills Preserve trails, which still had a couple inches of snow from around New Year's. It was slippery in some places and I couldn't see the smaller rocks but I had no mishaps. I really labored on the uphills and took two walk breaks. It was beautiful in the woods today though.

Later on I did a pushups test: 30. There's much work to do.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Man I'd love to run in snow. Still something on my to do list!

Jeff said...

I hope you get the chance someday! It's neat to get out and see the wild animal tracks. Between walks and running this winter (we've had an unusually high amount of snow for being so near the ocean), I've seen tracks from coyotes, rabbits, deer and wild turkeys. Further north where they get serious snowfall (northern New England) they have snowshoe running events. If I lived there I would check those out.

how to do said...
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