Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to ruin a marathon

No, I haven't entered one yet! I just came across a funny running-related article in The Onion that is good for a laugh. This one is family-friendly I think, which is not always true for this site. I like The Onion, but it is not for everyone, so fair warning if you try their other articles.

In cross training news, I enjoyed my first spinning class ever yesterday. 51 minutes of high (for me) rpm work. Took it somewhat easy so as not to hurt the quads while I recover from running injuries. It was neat to be able to see my heartrate, rpms and mileage constantly updated.

I also tackled Day 2 of the hundred pushups challenge yesterday: 12/12/10 (getting tough)/10/max=19 (exhaustion). Oddly less sore today than yesterday.


Ellie Hamilton said...

OMG!!! Well, now that my foot-propelled athletic endeavors are temporarily sidelined..... I may just go for this!! I will need upper-body strength on the Trail....

Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting on my blog.

Jeff said...

You're welcome! Sorry to hear about your AT (tendon) woes. I've also had an issue with my right AT but I'm glad I haven't had to hike 10 miles on it! Too bad about SavageMan.

Loved the AT photos.

If your ATs are keeping you off The AT (or other trails) - join the pushups madness. :-)

Anonymous said...

Very funny article. When I have lost enough weight to contemplate jogging, perhaps instead of seriously contemplating how to RUN a marathon, I should take the RUIN option which seems like a lot less work !!!

Jeff said...

It does sound a bit easier to train for, doesn't it?