Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's nice to run again!

Yesterday was my first run in three weeks (!). I got up at 5:30 am and did one easy mile nonstop (as easy as one can do that in the warm, humid Florida July air). No problems with the Achilles, and the left forefoot has been fine for over a week now. Yeah!

Today was Pushups Week 3/Day 1. I tackled them right after work, relatively fresh and hungry. I did 25 in my first set, which felt like the easiest 25 in years, if not ever. :-)
In the next two sets I did 17 & 17 as required, but the third set of pushups was a max effort to reach 17.
The next set called for 15 and I managed only 5. I stopped there.
I did all of these with about 60 seconds rest - pretty intense when all I've been used to for a long time is 1-2 sets.
All in all, I did 25/17/17/5 = 64 pushups. Some progress there, and I'll continue the week's program, but Week 4 will not be next week. Oh well - any progress is good, right?

The virus is spreading - I've got my brother doing the pushups now too. He'll probably catch up to me pretty quickly.


Andrew is getting fit said...

I've only not run for a week and I'm going stir crazy. 3 weeks must be hell...

Jeff said...

I hear you. One week is bad enough - more than that and you start asking yourself if you're still a runner. It's hard to see races come and go, and hear about Olympic Trials track and field news, without being able to get out and run. Doing some biking and swimming helped though.