Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New latitudes

I have now relocated to Connecticut and I am settling in and enjoying the cooler temps. The humidity has been a lot more tolerable than in Florida, where sometimes the air seemed so thick you could cut it with a knife. The sun is not quite so blindingly bright. It's a nice time of year.

I still have limited computer access for now, aside from being busy establishing myself as a CT resident once again.

I'm still resting my Achilles until I can get a professional opinion on it. It's frustating to not go running, but there are worse things in life.

On the plus side, I did a new pushups test and completed 40. :-)
A little rest does wonders. I'm probably the only one who can tell, but the arms and shoulders are showing more definition. I feel like my shoulders have biceps now (granted this is on a runner's, not bodybuilder's, overall physique).


Anne said...

Welcome (back) to New England. Where is CT, if I can ask? I spent a big chunk of my childhood in the Stonington area.

Anne said...

Ooops. That should have read where in CT...I know where the state's located!

Anonymous said...

Just wait for winter, Jeff. ;)

Way to go on the pushups, and it sounds like it's best to get a professional opinion on your Achilles heel.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Glad you're all settled in. Moving is always a pain I find.

Way to go on the pushups! The most I've done is 36 so I'll try and aim for 40 as well!

Jeff said...

Hi everyone - thanks for the comments.

Anne, I'm in a temporary location for now, but I'm in SE CT, not too far from Stonington. It's nice to be near the coast again - just got back from being out on the water this morning, in fact.

My little "vacation" ends this weekend, so it's back to work and some more pushups training next week.

Ellie Hamilton said...

This the most recent post I can find in your blog about pushups. Unless I missed something... have you continued? I keep getting sidetracked, or distracted, or discouraged or something... I'm currently back at it, most recent PR was 46!

Jeff said...

Hi Ellie - sorry for the delay in responding. I've been doing them only once or twice a week lately. I had to back off after my mystery bug bite because my shoulder nerves were flaring up and making it hard to sleep, much less do pushups. I think I'm starting to round back into full health now. I hope so anyway!